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You've decided to have your trophy mounted, now what do you do?

Here are a few tips from BACK COUNTRY TAXIDERMY STUDIO Taxidermist Dale Horton regarding what you should do to care for your trophy before you can get it to the taxidermist.


Small Mammals
Animals, coyote sized or smaller, should not be skinned unless by a professional. Do not gut the animal. Small mammals, especially carnivores, will spoil quickly because of their thin hide and bacteria. If you can not take the small game animal immediately to a taxidermist, as soon as the carcass cools completely, put it in a plastic bag and freeze it. With the epidemic of rabies evident in many areas of the country, take every safety measure necessary when handling your game.

Do not gut the bird. Rinse off any blood on the feathers with water. Take the bird immediately to your taxidermist or freeze it. Put the bird into a plastic bag for freezing being careful not to damage the feathers, including the tail. If the bird's tail feathers do not fit in the bag, do not bend them, let the tail stick out of the bag and tie the bag loosely.

Do not gut your fish. If you can not take your catch immediately to a taxidermist, wrap it in a very wet towel and put it in a plastic bag, making sure the fins are flat against the fish's body (to prevent breakage), and freeze it. A fish frozen with this method can safely be kept in the freezer for months.

Note: A fish will lose its coloration shortly after being caught. A good color photograph immediately after the catch may enable the taxidermist to duplicate the natural color tones of that particular fish.

Always consult your taxidermist before you cape out your deer. Avoid dragging your deer out of the woods with a rope. This can damage your fur. Keep shoulders and brisket off the ground when dragging. (Wheel barrows work great). When skinning, leave the entire hide attached to the head. Very important. Tube out your front legs from the knees up. Freeze the entire hide with horns or take immediately to your taxidermist.

Click here for pdf file on caping your deer.

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